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Kevin Murphy

Skin care for your hair.

Colour me is a true colourist’s line, and has been created with naturally beneficial ingredients that help moisturise and rejuvenate the hair, while imparting incredible shine and colour – all without stressing or causing harm to the environment.

Born from the same philosophy as skincare, Kevin Murphy products are weightlessly designed to deliver performance, strength, and longevity. Combining hi-tech scientific knowledge with the best natural ingredients available. Kevin Murphy products are proven tools to recreate high-fashion runway looks in the salon or at-home, while always remaining kind to the environment.

We stock the full range of Kevin Murphy Colour and retail range.

K18 & Opalex

K18 is designed to improve the health and appearance of the hair. It contains a pateneted bioactive peptide that aims to repair hair at a molecular level, addressing damage caused by chemical treatments, heat and other enviromental factors.

K18 is intended to strengthen and restore the hairs structural integrity, resulting in smoother, shinier,and healthier looking hair. K18 is used as our in salon treatment to help protect the hair during colour services. Yu can also purchase shampoo and treatments which allows you to contiue your haircare needs at home.

Like K18, Olaplex has been developed to repair and protect the hair. It works by reconnecting and rebuilding the disulfide bonds within the hairs structure that are broken during any chemical service. We have take home treatments to maintain and improve hair health inbetween salon visits.



Hair Extensions


Hand Tied wefts are woven together by hand onto fine string creating the thinnest weft possible. They are very strong and a lot flatter than machine sewn wefts but can still give you thick luscious hair.

They are thin at the root they are perfect for people with fine hair. The wefts are also less noticeable and harder to detect as it sits flat on the head. You can wear your hair up in a a pony or bun without them being noticeable.

Because they are handmade, they are less likely to shed. The weft is attached to your hair using silicon lined beads to create an anchor for the weft to be sewn in.

Maintenance is required, on average, every six to eight weeks. Your wefts will be removed, the natural hair loss combed out and then the wefts are reapplied.Wefts can be removed and reapplied row by row without the need to wash the hair.

A full head of our Russian coloured Hand Tied Wefts are 100 grams which is six pieces.Hand Tied Wefts come in 55 standard colours  as well as custom colouring and hundreds of mixed colour options.

Lengths available are 14″ 16″ 18″ 20″ and 22″ Inches.

Milkshake Products and 9minute Colour.

Milkshake hair products are a range of hair care products that offer a variety of benefits depending on the specific product you’re using.

Milkshake hair products are designed to provide nourishment, hydration, and styling solutions for different hair types and concerns. They often contain natural ingredients like milk proteins, fruit extracts, and essential oils that aim to improve hair health and appearance.

Milkshake treatments and masks offer deeper hydration, repair, and protection against damage. Styling products like milkshake hair sprays, gels, and creams can help with shaping, texture, and hold.

Keep in mind that the specific benefits of milkshake hair products can vary based on the particular product you’re using and your hair’s unique needs.

9 Minute colour 

A Conditioning permanent hair colouring cream that works in just 9 minutes. A quick, delicate and conditioning hair colour that gives incredible shine and vibrant colour.

Guarantees maximum grey coverage with a long-lasting

Contains hyper-fermented daisy extract: an innovative active ingredient which is a worldwide exclusive and rich in proteins, amino acids, and vitamins.

Cloud Nine

The Cloud Nine hair straighteners are known for their exceptional quality and performance. They feature advanced ceramic plates that provide smooth and efficient straightening, reducing frizz and damage. With adjustable temperature settings, they cater to various hair types and styles.

The ergonomic design ensures comfortable use, and their quick heat-up time allows for swift styling. These straighteners are a popular choice among professionals and individuals looking for salon-level results at home.