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The Australian hairdressing industry sends 1,500 tons of recyclable aluminium back to landfill each year. That’s one and a half million kilos, about 715 cars, or 4 jumbo jets!  Unfortunately, aluminium doesn’t degrade easily; it actually contaminates the soil for 500 years. Add to this the waste of plastics, colour tubes, cut hair and more, and you soon see that beauty at any price is no longer an option.

By choosing a sustainable salon you’re helping cut salon waste for good.

We recycle 95% of our waste by using the comprehensive resource recovery service. Ssh hair loves the waste gets re – purposed and the proceeds from recycling benefit the community through several programs.

Making a difference.

Ponytails are sent to charitable organisations like the Variety club and wigmakers for those suffering from medically-induced hair-loss, while cut hair is made into booms used to absorb oil spills.

Every kilo of recycled aluminium helps Oz Harvest fund four meals for the homeless.

Plastics and metals are kept in circulation and repurposed.

Creating stronger futures for people with a disability by providing purposeful work within our material collection and processing streams.

Those are just one of the many reason we choose to be a Sustainable Salon. As we have become more aware of the impact products have on the environment, we have also welcomed the opportunity to make a difference.

Sustainable Salons

Thinking and acting sustainably is now a crucial part of any business.

It’s something we know a thing or two about. From donating cut hair to charities and organisations using it to help clean the oceans, to making the most of resources that would otherwise be discarded, We’ve made a name for ourselves by acting sustainably.

What began as a resource recovery program, has become a way of doing business that’s inspiring leaders across industries to up their game, and walk the talk.

Not just in line with their values and in step with their communities, but seamlessly in rhythm with the day-to-day running of their business.

-Sustainable Salons

Not Just Recycling.

The best way to divert materials from landfill is to ensure they have a second life. Sustainable salons are constantly working with universities, manufacturers and start ups to find end-of-life solutions for all our materials. This research has given us Hair Booms, hairy tech, hairy soil and more.

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